CMG Ideabox: Marketing Digital Products with Outbound Calling
CMG’s outbound calling campaigns for digital products (digital magazines, white papers, virtual events and apps) have produced big results for publishers and media giants.


San Diego, California – April 15, 2014 – Virtually all marketing campaigns are most successful when they employ a multi-channel approach to a targeted audience. This is especially true for campaigns designed to get new orders, as very often you do not have past results to benefit you.  Relying on just email campaigns or direct mail alone (or even in combination) will not get you the best conversion. The majority of promotional emails end up in a spam folder; those that make it to the recipient’s inbox are often times quickly deleted without being read. And as we all know, direct mail pieces often end up in a trash can or recycling bin and depending on the type of promotion employed, this can work out to be very expensive.


Savvy publishers realize the benefits of utilizing multiple marketing channels to promote their print publications and products while growing their audience; Email, direct mail, tip covers, blow-in cards, print and digital advertising and telemarketing are all part of a well-rounded campaign. However the best approach is to include outbound calling efforts into your digital strategy sooner. It augments your traditional efforts seamlessly by adding a strong CALL TO ACTION that is delivered using outbound calling efforts.


Increase Your Digital Audience: Nothing offers better contact and better conversion than an outbound calling campaign that seamlessly fits into an integrated marketing campaign. More and more publishers are taking advantage of proactive outbound calling to grow their digital audience, and their efforts are paying off. With a strong call to action added to each call, results can improve dramatically.


For one forward-thinking publisher interested in growing their magazine app downloads, we deployed an email containing download instructions – while the potential subscribers were on the phone speaking to our agents. With a proactive, personal introduction via an outbound call, the opt-ins became a natural and easy transition during the conversation. The proactive effort increased opt-in success dramatically.


In another case, the audience marketer was looking to increase open rates for their digital magazine and create online eNewsletter engagement, our agents called one publisher’s subscribers who just received an email promotion.  While on the phone we verified and updated the recipient’s email address using our email verification tool.  We directed recipients to the featured article, and then used analytics to view the results. Open and click-through rates skyrocketed. This also allowed us to interact in a positive manner with the customer, which in turn gave kudos to our customer and in turn will set the stage for a good interaction the next time a call is made.


Whatever the goal or overall digital product strategy, your digital product marketing plan can and should include an outbound calling program that is targeted and integrated with your other efforts. Even including a qualified LGEN question for your advertisers should be considered as well. This is ultimately the key to a successful proactive digital strategy that gets you results.

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