California Marketing Group (CMG)’s Voice Broadcast Subscription
Confirmation IVR Tool Approved by Verified Audit Circulation (VAC)

CMG’s voice broadcast order confirmation tool provides controlled circulation magazines the ability to enhance their subscribers’ experience, augment existing channels and exceed their audience development goals with the recently approved VAC certified tool.


San Diego, California – April 9, 2013 – “This innovative new subscriber contact tool will provide publishers with a user-friendly technology that will help them offset their subscription renewal investment,” said Samantha Galarneau, Vice President of CMG and fourteen year veteran of the industry. “We are very excited to partner with VAC because it will provide publishers and circulation managers with additional tools to ensure they exceed their circulation goals. This will have an immediate impact by improving the subscriber experience.” CMG’s IVR order confirmation tool provides magazine subscribers the ability to quickly and easily confirm their subscription using a few strokes of their phone keypad.


Using actual client results and testing various data points from previous subscription order programs, the confirmed orders received have been as high as 5% with cost per order as low as $1.00 in some industries. Another valuable feature of this new service is that datasets can be quickly appended and corrected. For example, if a subscriber’s email or phone number requires correction, the technology will allow the subscriber to provide the new information and the publisher will receive a corrected data file at the end of their campaign.


“In addition to the critical role telemarketing orders play in the industry, we view this exciting new VAC approved service as another valuable tool that our clients can use to quickly and easily renew their targeted subscribers,” said Kinjal Husges-Pike, Sales Director at CMG. “Publishers that diversify their marketing channels, have the most client interaction and survivability in this changing media landscape. As partners with VAC, we can give our clients additional options to meet their circulation goals.”


About California Marketing Group | CMG.  California Marketing Group has delivered high quality contact services to the publishing industry for nearly three decades. We have a strong track record of success for our clients. EVERY subscription order for the last 26 years has been subject to third party audit. We are proud to note that all of our centers are based entirely in the USA. For more information about CMG, or this particular news angle, please contact Kinjal Husges-Pike at or call us at 858.634.1072.


About Verified Audit Circulation. With more than 60 years of experience, Verified Audit Circulation is a leading provider of services for confirmation of delivery of print and digital media, company branding, direct-to-home marketing, and online marketing. Verified serves publishers of newspapers and magazines, with an established method of tracking integrated audiences across multiple channels Please contact Alan Levy at or 415-461-6006, ext. 213 for additional information.


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