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  •  5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Planning Your Next Audience Development Program. Learn More.
  • Protecting the Quality of Publishers’ Databases and the Advertisers’ Investment. Currently, telerecording is, uncontestably, the best method to ensure the quality of the telecommunications source request and data gathering. Download
  • Email Marketing Tips: Using Confirmation Emails for Repeat Purchases. Follow these simple rules can and you can transform the end –goal of your marketing campaign into the beginning of a profitable customer relationship. Learn More.
  •  The 6 Rules of Controlled Circulation. If you do not deliver on your editorial mission, renewal rates will dip – the first step in a publishing death spiral. It costs but a fraction to requalify a subscriber as opposed to replacing that subscriber. Learn More
  •  6 Keys to Lead Generation Success.  If you really want to be a successful prospector and fill your pipeline with leads, here are the ways to success. Learn More
  • Change or Die? “The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture, or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behavior of people.” Learn More
  • Turning Subscriber Acquisition Over to the Subscriber. As we look at advanced e-mail marketing strategies, some of the most effective may have little to do with technology advances and more to do with how we react to the fact that communication has changed and control has shifted from the marketer to the subscriber. Learn More

 Industry Resources

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Our mission is to continuously serve the needs of our clients by providing innovative communication solutions to ensure our clients succeed. Read More

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“I love the online reports and the fact that you are honest throughout the process. Most companies provide only weekly reports and that is only after you ask. Keep up the good work.” 


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