Editorial and Subscriber Data

Measure the Success of All Your Marketing Efforts

Editorial studies can be a powerful method to measure audience attitude, reader interest, reading habits and editorial acceptance.  Since publication content changes with every print and digital issue, it is important to know how your new product is being received in the marketplace.


Key Benefits

  • Develop an editorial position that’s unique
  • Develop a product that delivers high readership
  • Monitor changes in the market, circulation or competition
  • Better understand the reader’s needs and responsibilities
  • Evaluate proper editorial balance, changes in format, content or focus
  • Pinpoint editorial strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify potential new products that could be developed
  • Support advertising sales claims about your audience

Measure Key Factors

  • Types of Publications Received
  • Time Spent Reading Each Publication
  • Editorial Features
  • Areas of Interest
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“I love the online reports and the fact that you are honest throughout the process. Most companies provide only weekly reports and that is only after you ask. Keep up the good work.” 


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