Serving Audience Development, Marketing and Circulation Professionals since 1985.

  • Capacity to complete 38, 000 quality renewals per day
  • Capacity to complete 1 million quality renewals per month
  • Completed over 10,000 controlled circulation programs
  • Submitted over 14 million direct request subscription orders
  • Made over 20+ million phone calls to prospects
  • All audited by the BPA, AAM and VAC

Our Service Offering


Live Calling Solutions for Controlled Renewal and New Name Programs and/or Paid Subscription Programs.
Schedule your next TM subscription qualification program with CMG. Our 100% USA based professional agents will ensure your circulation goals are met on time and within budget.


Inbound Live Agent

Include our CMG provided 800 numbers on your tip covers, blow-ins, bind-ins and marketing collateral. Our live agent or IVR technology will capture all inbound communications.


Newest Product: IVR Subscription ConfirmationMaximize your Conversion and Lower your CPO.
This product can be an innovative way to quickly renew your 1 and 2 year names before you start your telemarketing efforts.  The program is turn-key, budget friendly and a great way to reach your audience. We recommend that you use it right before your telemarketing efforts.


Lead Generation and Cross Promotion
On your next TM effort, consider adding an additional question to cross promote alternative audience development efforts. This could include promotion of your next white paper, eNewsletters, webinar or conference.


Lead Generation for your Advertisers
Become invaluable to your advertisers by providing qualified leads to your advertisers.


Contact us today at 858.634.1072 to learn how we can help you leverage your controlled circulation strategies; all while impacting profitability in other areas of your business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously serve the needs of our clients by providing innovative communication solutions to ensure our clients succeed. Read More

Success Stories

“CMG’s IVR program is a quick, inexpensive and reliable telemarketing method to requalify subscribers. CMG organizes and executes these campaigns with accuracy and efficiency while also maintaining a high-level of customer service.”Sonja Trent, Audience Development Manager

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